kent catering companies

Kent catering companies

Azra Catering

Azra Catering has excellent relationships and partnerships with several venues in Kent. Our company has been catering for weddings as corporate events since its first year. Our clients are devided in two categories, venues and direct clients.

In relation to direct clients, our main director Mark Pierson work closely with event organiser, brides or responsable for private events in their catering food as provide the best catering requirements like marquees, floreal decoration, music and of course professional staff.

As one of the established catering companies in Kent; Azra managed the catering for one of the most renowned golf club in Kent. Our company managed suppliers, staff and has the responsability to incentivate clients to use the differents food and drinks areas in the club.

Azra catering

Our cuisine skills and professionalism are the key to the success as one of the landing catering companies in Kent. Clients, venues for wedding or contract catering to managed all in hand hospitalities facilities, which Azra Catering are always content.

azra suppliers

Since 1995, Azra Catering has have relationship with local suppliers is well as European suppliers from Italy, French and Grece. Azra Catering has a sustainable food policy, we are acreditate from HACCP, The Food Stacdard Agency. All our supliers

azra staff and chef

Azra Catering staff are a group of freelance professional butlers. They transform your event, bring into it a relax and friendly atmosphere. Clients will feel content, the staff describe the food and they are update about any dietary for your event.