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Treat your hard working staff with a corporate catering Kent service

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High quality food and mouthwatering menus have the capacity to focus the minds of your employees and lubricate tricky commercial negotiations.

It doesn’t matter if you run a bank, a large multinational engineering firm or a small high street business, if you lay on an occasional food and drink event the business rewards are real.

A corporate catering Kent event does not have to cost an arm and a leg, but that depends on what you are trying to achieve.

You might choose snacks and nibbles, buffet food or a full blown three course meal.

We think you would be missing a great opportunity if you did not reward your people if they massively exceed their quarterly targets.

If your people are like ours they will probably want to let their hair down and drink a bottle of wine or two to celebrate.

If so, buffet food is the way to go for this occasion.

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Canapés are delicious mouthfuls of culinary creativity and are perfect for this occasion -they can be sweet or savoury, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, or British. They can in fact be all of these and you can enjoy them on one plate.

My own favourites canapés menu are,

Duck pate & caramelized orange, topped with chervil

bresola & parmesan on brown bread

goujons of plaice with a caper mayonnaise

and Jersey potatoes with crème fraiche & chives

Canapés are delicious but if you are a small team of managers - at the final stage of negotiations to seal a new deal with a supplier - a three course gourmet meal could be the preferred choice.

Good catering companies offer bespoke options for a three course meal but a typical selection would be

Salad of prawn & baby gem with Marie Rose Sauce & Sun Blush Tomatoes

Roast saddle of lamb

homemade lemon zest tart lightly caramelised
with mint and berries

Whatever option you go for, corporate catering depends on quality ingredients, first class cooking skills and professional service.

The value added to your business of a quality corporate catering service will be measured in your annual profits.

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